About Dandoeng

Hai there, my name is Muhamad Irvan Dandung, you can call me Dandung. A Junior Software Engineer & Indonesian long life learner. You can download my cv in here.

Where do I live?

Now, I live in Bekasi, West Java

What kind of software I build?

Webs, Mobile Apps, microservice. I will definitely try to build, as long as that's useful for me, the company, and many people

What kind of articles that I wrote on this website?

Anything that related about program, computer sience & my experience

Why am I mixing two languages on this website?

Honestly, I want to use English completely, but I'm not quite confident yet with my English skill. I have to practice more to gain a better sense of writing at this language. So, instead of only using Bahasa, I will mix it with English too.